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Rollov Film Center offers classes in both film and digital photography.  Whether you want to sharpen your knowledge of your DSLR or would like to like to learn all about the exciting world of analog photography we are here to help.  Classes are conducted one on one so all the attention is focused on you and it is your level of experience and areas of interest are fully addressed.  A private setting ensures that you get the most possible out of our classes.

Analog photography holds a very dear place in our hearts.  A special relationship between an image and its creator is fostered when the process is carried out by hand from start to finish.  There is a lot to learn though – selecting equipment and film, proper processing and best possible printing of the images and much more.  We are here to take a beginner through all those steps or to offer a chance to refresh and hone your printing skills.

Digital photography brought the ability of capturing images to all who possess a digital camera.  However it is a trained eye, attention to detail and the knowledge of your camera’s strengths and limitations that separate a true photographer from simply a camera owner.  Schedule a class with Rollov Film Center and you are sure to learn a lot from our 20+ years experience in the field.

A full day, 4-6 hour class, is $175 with discounts offered if you would like to bring a friend.